Monday, July 23, 2012

Kipper Karten Cards

I have a new addition to my divination tools. Its the Mystische Kipper-Karten and they are magical. During my Lenormand oracle studies, I was very much attracted to the Mystical Lenormand mainly because of the depth they add to the imagery. But the reason I strictly wanted to use a deck with lesser pictorial details was because Lenormand is an oracle of symbols and the lesser distraction you have on your cards, the better it is.  You have to be very symbol oriented rather than being picture oriented.

When I started looking for a fresh addition to my cartomancy divination tools, I was drawn towards this deck. Once they arrived I started checking them out doing a few readings and I'm still trying to get hold of the meanings.

There are 36 cards, just like lenormand petit deck. There are people cards, there are cards similar to the lenormand oracle cards and there are positive and negative cards. I'm yet trying to get hold of the meanings but after an extensive study of lenormand for one year, this deck is coming to me like too easily. Actually I have found reading with this deck easier than with my lenormand deck, which by the way, has been my best friend for about over a year now.

The guide which I am following for this study are:

Meanings from Kipper Karten website
Kipper Karten Garden by Mama Whodun

These are some great resources which will help you a lot in your study of these cards. The meanings given in the first link are a guideline, you have to use them to learn about these cards. I have found that having too many meanings for one card sometimes result in over complicating a reading. This happens when you have no idea which meaning to stick to. When it comes to meanings, I believe in the lesser the better.
The KipperKarten Garden is a great resource mainly because Mama Whodun has been studying both lenormand and kipperkarten and she finds some remarkable resemblances between them which help the students who have been learning lenormand for a while.


  1. I'm not attracted by Kipper,already I have enough decks I try to deal with but I have full archive about Kipper cards taken from site)..if you are interested in cards and combinations provided over there,please e-mail me on Cartomancy forum

    best wishes in your journey with kippers ;)

    1. oh Hi kali, like you, I'm really not attracted by Kippers too anymore. I will be on the look out & if anyone needs it I will let you know. Cheers